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Teachers Love Cookies Too!

It is back to school time again! Everyone is trying to get back in the groove, meet the teachers and kick off the school year. Educators work so hard all year and constantly go above and beyond for their students, so why not go the extra step and bring them a tasty, creative gift to show your appreciation?

It has become a very sweet custom to bring your child’s teacher a gift when the school year starts. As parents ourselves, we’ve seen some unique gift ideas through the years. Of course at Blue Flour, we think that the best teacher gifts are our homemade, decorated sugar cookies for them to enjoy during their lunch break or as an after-school treat.

Here are some gift ideas for the classroom!

Top 5 gifts for teachers:

  • A gift basket themed around a favorite pasttime of your teacher
  • Trendy personalized items such as monogrammed pouches or tote bags with your teacher’s initials
  • Donation to a local education-based charity in the name of the classroom
  • Gift certificates of any kind
  • Blue Flour custom-iced sugar cookies with themes such as pencils, apples, and letters (see how we fit that in?!)

At Blue Flour, we will have a selection of unique sugar cookies, T-shirts, gift cards, and other specialty baked goods for your special teacher in our Irmo location, just a hop, skip and a jump from downtown Columbia, S.C. and super convenient to districts like Richland Lexington 5!