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Our “Aha Moment”

When was Blue Flour Bakery created? When we realized our friends and family were hiding our cookies so they wouldn’t have to share them with anyone else. Folks were even hiding cookies under their beds! You could say that was our “aha moment” – and the rest is sugary history.

That’s why when the 2015 Aha Moment Tour emailed us and asked us to participate in their 20 city tour, we said, “yes; of course!”

The Aha Moment Tour’s 34′ Airstream trailer rolled into Columbia, SC June 4, 2015, where it parked at Edventure Children’s Museum overnight. We had so much fun hanging out with Jess, Marina and Nathan at the Columbia Aha Moment hub, sharing the story of our founding. Everyone who participated had a different “aha moment,” and ours was simple, fun and sweet.


The day after our interview, the crew met us at Blue Flour Bakery to shoot a short Aha Moment movie. To say thanks for the experience, we decorated a custom Aha Moment sugar cookie, just for them.

Come by Blue Flour Bakery to chat with owner Teri Pringle and hear our Aha Moment in person! We’re located at 7703 St. Andrews Rd., Irmo, SC 29063. Our store hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10:00 am-5:00 pm, and Saturday, 9:00 am-2:00 pm (and at Soda City farmers market most Saturdays!). Custom sugar cookies can be ordered online or by calling 803-407-3603.

What was your “aha moment?” Share it with us in the comments below!