We are not an allergen free facility. Our cookies are baked in a DHEC regulated and A-rated kitchen (production facility) that processes wheat, peanuts, soy, eggs and tree nuts.


Gluten Free: We do not offer any gluten free products


When should I order:

Since we custom bake for you we need a little time to make it perfect for your event. Plus shipping days to your destination/home/hotel/dorm room


BIG cookies (2) business days in advance plus shipping days

Custom cookie sugar order (4) business days in advance plus shipping days. (3) day process to BAKE, DECORATE, PACKAGE.

Learn more about our process on our Custom Sugar Cookie page!

Holidays are an exception might be a longer lead time

We prefer not to ship close to a weekend so your cookies do not sit in a warehouse over the weekend.


Color Selection:

We have the most popular color options available for your to choose from

Unless you are a wedding


How will it arrive:

Your cookies will be packed and sealed the day that are baked, placed in a canister and/or box. This will keep the cookies fresh and when they arrive in excellent condition.


How long will they be fresh:

As long as they are kept in their packaging

BIG cookies and BIG sugar cookie favors 7-10 days  minis 3-5 days

Since we don’t use preservatives real butter, sugar, eggs, flour. Vanilla


Can I freeze them: WE do not recommend freezing the sugar cookies due to the royal icing, but you can definitely freeze the other cookies. Just keep them wrapped tight.


Where are they baked:

DHEC approved Kitchen in Irmo SC that also produces all of our cookies for our local bakeries



If you have ever been in Columbia SC in the summer temps can reach cookie melting temps of 100 degrees or higher for days in a row, for that reason we suggest selecting 2 day or next day during the summer months.. See UPS mapfor length of delivery to your destination.


Local  vs Shipping OPTIONS:


Shipping UPS: we have chosen our most popular designs colors and shapes for themes. Something about how we package these to get to them safely and in good condition. Other designs might not allow.


Local: we have the flexibility to create different designs and shapes because we are not shipping and can talk face to face about all of the details. You can check out our BLOG to see designs that we have created in the past. Or FACEBOOK